1000 Faces of Dubai

The only language that everyone understands is the language of the human face“ (Ernst Bloch).

The project „1000 Faces“ also wants to be a language that everyone understands, thus transcending all borders and cultures to bring people together on a socio-cultural level.

We got the idea to do the “1000 Faces of Dubai” project because we did a similar project in Europe and wanted to show the diversity of Dubai to the world.

People of different origins as well as diverse religions and different social stands live here peacefully and respectfully with each other.

Project implementation 

The project is planned to have multiple forms of publication.

There will be exhibitions around the Emirates and in Europe showing the 1000 photographed faces and telling their stories. The exhibition is intended to motivate people to communicate and work together as well as show the diversity of people of different origins and classes living together in Dubai.

To complement this, short videos will be shot, and a book will be developed to accompany the exhibition – to reinforce the impact of the project and as a record for the participants.

As a special highlight, a spectacular mosaic with the face of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum will be developed from the many colourful photographs taken during the project. This mosaic will attract the attention of the viewers in its colourfulness and diversity.

The exhibits on display (the photos and videos, the book, and the mosaic) are meant to bring joy to people and remind them of Dubai being a prime example of diversity: A society with people of all cultures and social stands living together, peacefully.

All our work including the videos, excperts of the book etc. will also be shown on social media to reach a large audience of people around the globe.

Benefits for the project sponsor:

As the sponsor of the project your company will be visible on all our creations:

  • Our exhibitions
  • Our short video
  • Our book
  • Our mosaic
  • social media

Resulting of that, people of a variety of social stands including people of the upper class and the government will get more awareness of your brand.

In addition, your company will be displayed as a supporter of a diverse world.

Especially in press articles of media in Europe and the Emirates about the project you will also be mentioned to get even more brand awareness locally, and globally.

In contrast to classic forms of press we will also encooperate your brand into our social media posts reaching thousands of people.

Similar projects from Europe:

To realise the project, we need subsidies in the estimated amount of circa 280.000 Dirham.